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This plugin is a must-have for any store which sells downloadable products such as e-books, courses, software, etc. It takes away the tedious task of manually searching for all buyers of a downloadable product and then manually sending them an email about a new update to the product.

  • This plugin supports a full featured WordPress Editor like the one from your posts/page screen so you could design e-mails visually.
  • Automatically generate user first name, surname, the name of the product they ordered, it’s direct link and also the “My Account” URL of your website! Everything is done automatically by using e-mail variables such as:
  • Dear {first_name}, Your product: {product_name} has been updated!
  • Please log into your account to download the latest version.
  • {account_url}
  • Variable downloadable products are also supported.
  • The plugin comes bundled with 4 beautiful premade HTML e-mail templates, use the e-mail variables to set the final touch! Checkout the screenshots for a view of the bundled templates.
  • Schedule e-mails to be sent at a certain interval in batches. This helps prevent timeouts when stores have products with many buyers.
  • See how many e-mails are in queue left to be sent when you schedule a product update e-mail!
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