Basic Ecommerce Retargeting
Retargeting is invaluable for those in the eCommerce niche as it helps them track down those who performed actions like adding items to a cart. With retargeting, you can entice consumers with sweet discounts that would prompt them to buy from you. For example, your retargeting strategy could use coupons.
It is a great tool for creating a special bond between you and your customers, as the reminders indicate you are interested in them and want to help them solve their issues with your products or services.

Remember that retargeting only targets people who have visited a particular site, so it is not the right technique for new leads. It only improves conversion rates due to its specific targeting of people based on their actions when they visit a site.

Social Media Ecommerce Retargeting
Social media is a fertile ground to run retargeted ads. Around 54% of marketers believe that this is the right place for retargeting. It has a broad reach, with apps like Facebook having a large audience base in America. Younger generations prefer other social media networks like Snapchat and Instagram, which are more image-focused services.

Social media makes it easier to run retargeted ads due to its storytelling features in the form of posts. You could use Instagram Stories to showcase tips on how to use your product and service, for example, which would help increase sales.

Bearing in mind that millennials have the strongest buying power of all generations in today’s world and that they can be easily influenced by a product story or a video, it makes perfect sense to use social media as much as possible to target these individuals.

Building a social media presence is prominent among top brands. Linking up with an influencer on social media platforms is of great importance as a lot of people like buying items after watching recommendation content. In any case, ensure that a seasoned specialist handles your retargeting.