App monetization is not as tough as it seems in fact, it is very easy to monetize the apps that include the Android app & iOS app. So how is it possible? In early days people didn’t know much about monetization Ad Networks and for them, app monetization normally meant the following:
  • Providing apps to users not freely (Paid Mobile Applications).
  • Providing apps with premium features that include some cost (which is famous nowadays, i.e. in games like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds & Clash of Clans).
  • Unlocking extra features using real money (in like mobile games & apps, i.e. Spotify Premium).
  • Providing two versions of apps (one is free and the other is paid, just like MX Player & MX Player Pro).
How To Monetize An Application?
App Monetization Ad Networks:
Basically if you are here it means you are interested in monetizing your app and that means you are an app developer, and if you aren’t, then no problem. Earning money from monetizing apps is a very good option for app developers and it’s not only for the small ones but for all and it’s a very easy process. So let’s get started.
To monetize your app either you can apply those points which I have discussed in the first paragraph or either you can join an ad network. How’s that sound? An Ad Network? What is an Ad Network? How do I trust an Ad Network? Will it work for my app? Will it be profitable? Well, there are so many questions that arise when a new person thinks about Ad Networks who have no knowledge about them.
An Ad Network sure gonna help you, if you don’t know about Ad Networks, you can check out our other article to get all the information. There are so many App Monetization Ad Networks available in today’s world and you must be thinking how do they work? Well, you are an app developer and you want to monetize your app using Ad Networks then you have to just register yourself and make some spaces for Ads in your app, where you want to show them and whenever people will click on it, you will receive some amount of money.
As you know there are many ad networks that can help you to monetize your app but which one should you choose? There are some advantages, disadvantages, payment options, minimum withdrawal, rules, and conditions of all of them. And we brought you some of the trustworthy Ad Networks for you’ll. So let’s start with the list and I am not numbering them because all are good.



is one of the best Ad Networks that provides App Monetization with Inmobi SDK. This Ad Network will help you to monetize your applications and with the help of advertisers, you can put your application ads and find your right customers easily. As for App monetization, they have multiple ad formats that you can choose to display. Also, you can spend some more money to access premium offers to boost your apps advertisements.

Facebook Audience Network


With Facebook Audience Network, you can start monetizing your apps. They provide a trustworthy environment by providing the best customers for your App growth, and security. Also, it provides several ad formats like banner, interstitial, native, video ads, and more. Facebook Audience Network has over 1.5 Million Advertisers, that can help you. Also, using awesome technologies to find the right audience for your apps to increase your revenue and app growth.
As a publisher or app developer, you can select the ad formats. The Facebook Audience Network works on both mobile and pc but the revenue comes from a mobile platform that is way higher than of pc as there are so many people who use Facebook. So, choosing the Facebook Audience Network to monetize your App can be a great option this year.

Google AdMob


Google Admob
is a great way to monetize mobile apps as well and it doesn’t apply to a specific category application, because any mobile app will work with Google Admob. No matter you are a mobile game developer, or music-player app developer, or any other. Google Admob supports all. Admob also supports different ad formats, like display, video, interstitial, etc.



is another way to monetize your mobile applications either you are working with Android, iOS, & Unity. It also provides the lightweight SDK that can help you to start monetizing your app in less than 5 minutes. You just have to implement the SDK and just wait for your app to grow. Chartboost supports many ad formats but video ads are special and profitable here. Also, it provides a feature that is Helium with which you can increase your revenue and much. Also, if you are a mobile game developer, using Chartboost can be a good option for you.



can be used to monetize your mobile apps and it’s very fast to implement & easy to use. You just need to follow few steps to start monetizing your app. Appodeal provides many features which are:
  • Autopilot Mediation feature for easily monetizing your app and SDK integration is also easy.
  • Payments can be withdrawal every month but you can request earlier if you need them urgently and it’s a really good feature an ad network can provide.
  • It uses top bidding technologies to help app developers to earn high revenue with every ad impression.
Ad Networks For Game Developers
If you an independent mobile game developer, then it must be hard for you to earn profit from your games. So, you can try using these Ad Networks that are easy to use and for monetizing your mobile games:

Unity Ads

Unity Ads.jpg

There are some other Ad Networks that are only for mobile game applications and the one is Unity Ads. Unity Ads is a great option to use if you are a mobile game developer. It’s free to use and very easy to implement on your mobile game apps. It has over 1.5 billion monthly mobile device users. That will help you to monetize your game application. They have generally high CPM rates as well.



is a good option for your mobile game apps to monetize.
  • In Ironsource, with its lightweight SDK, you can find the right users for your mobile game app growth to start monetizing your app in less time.
  • Here you can get high eCPM rates, so they can help you to boost revenue with every ad impression.
  • Like other Ad Networks, they also have multiple Ad Formats like interstitial, banner, rewarded video, etc.
  • Also, IronSource provides tools to access performance, reporting that is good for your mobile app and it supports Android & iOS platforms.